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"Providing new standards of excellence in drilling"

Eurodrill was formed in 2013 to offer clients in the UK and Europe a new standard of excellence in drilling of both hard and soft ground formations.

Eurodrill is focused on specific client needs be it in mineral exploration, geotechnical or site investigation drilling. We specialise in high recover and production rates in difficult ground. We can offer innovative systems of core recovery including retractable inner tubes, high grade drilling fluid additives which optimize efficiencies and reduces the need for expensive downtimes and cementation.

We believe the service we offer is second to none in the industry we serve. Including a significant focus on environmental impact, with low emissions rig engines, drilling mud recirculation systems that do away with the need for messy mud pits, small site size and our own innovative track mats which allow access to sites without damaging environment.

In summary Eurodrill can offer clients a drill programme tailored to their specific needs. High production/ recovery rates with minimal environmental impact, and an underlying focus on health and safety.