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"Providing new standards of excellence in drilling"
Canary Wharf, Geotechnical

  • Over 10 geotechnical holes drilled on a pontoon in Canary Wharf over water.
  • Menard pressure testing various ground formations.
  • 60mm test pockets drilled.
  • Nitrogen inflated packer inserted in pocket and inflated to profile strength of ground.
  • Geobor S wireline coring. Ground between test pocket cored with over 95% recovery achieved in gravels, sands, chalks and flints.
  • 8 " open holed to set casing.


Shell Centre London, Geotechnical

  • Geobor S wireline coring through clays, sands, gravels and clays.
  • Over 95% recovery achieved with SPT testing at 1.5m intervals.
  • Extensometer Installations.


Mazapil Gold Project, Mexico

  • 1200m mineral exploration holes drilled .PQ/HQ/NQ.
  • Very high production levels achieved in some difficult ground formations with very small targets where hole direction was imperative.


Antamina Dewatering Project, Antamina Mine, PERU

  • Dewatering/Geotechnical Drilling at 15000ft altitude.
  • Very challenging environment on twin drive, Foremost Barber Rigs.